Turtles Consignment

Many years ago 3 and 1/2 to be exact I started a little shop called Turtles Consignment http://turtlesconsignment.ecrater.com/

Turtles Consignment

Turtles Consignment

I was a new mom of an infant son who had gotten very very sick his 2nd month of life. We were at home in bed around 10 I believe it was when the little guy was not a very happy camper. I had tried everything, swaddling, feeding, comforting. I was exhausted, the husband was exhausted… the little guy finally gave up and just went to sleep. At around 1am he woke again, he was a HOT mess. I was sure that it was my fault because I was so impatient with him. I must have caused him to be sick… You know how a new mom thinks. I was scared at this point, but nothing compared to when this poor little bundle in my arms started having seizures. More to come on this topic and what happened to my baby boy, but because we had so many brand new items and huge hospital bills from being in the hospital for 34 days I needed a way to stay home care for my little guy and slowly pay back bills. Thus Turtles Consignment was born and I have truly found a love for finding bargains and passing them along to other families!! Have a look around, ask questions I would love to help!


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