Rite-Aid Reunion

I have not been into a Rite-Aid in some time, so naturally there had to be a reunion at some point. I have taken my father under my wing, in the area of how to save money with coupons. I assume, because you are still reading that you too have some interest in the topic of saving money!! I am going to start posting my savings and some of my trips to the stores. I am HOWEVER not a total coupon-a-holic and do NOT hardly ever do these in multiple transactions. I would say I dabble in coupon usage, enough to save, not enough that it will make the customer behind you start tapping their foot. There are some in-depth bloggers that are out there who do just that and you can learn more by checking out their bolgs! So Please Journey with me?

Recent Reunion at Rite-Aid

I had see in the January paper that there were some great ways to earn +Up-Rewards, basically cash back on a rewards card that you can use the next day in store on ANYTHING you want! Yep, awesome. So I went in to Rite aid, I did not have any coupons for these 3 items, so I  ONLY bought  these 3 items.

Estroven Mood & Memory, 30 ct $11.00 Buy 1, Receive $11.00 Up Reward, Limit 1

Estroven Maximum Strength, 28 ct $16.00 Buy 1, Receive $11.00 Up Reward, Limit 1


I-cool+D, 45 ct $24.00 Buy 1, Receive $24.00 Up Reward, Limit 1

My Out Of Pocket (OOP) Expense was $55.44 I Received $51.00 on my +Up Rewards card to spend on ANYTHING in the store.

SO, Today I went back to rite-aid and used one of my +Up Rewards to Purchase what I needed for the house!


As I shop, I keep a total in my head and I knew that I had 3 different reward coupons to use, one for $11.00, one for $16.00 and one for $24.00. I choose to use my $16.00 one, a couple of other coupons that I had clipped and Viola!! I paid $2.00 Out Of pocket for all of this. That was the tax!! I saved a total of $20.74.

What have you saved on today!? I will post my next shopping trip, However to you, YEAH YOU!! Thank-you for reading my rambling! I will get better at getting the rules and what to do at the cash register in future posts! For now.


Good Night!


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