Super Duper Diaper Owl

I received word, and a very, very cute invite in the mail.  Wanting the perfect present, led me to preparing a gift for my cousin’s Baby Shower! I am super excited for her, as she is even more excited about having her first baby!!  We do not know the gender, as they have decided to have it be a surprise. I am hoping that what I have crafted goes with what she likes. The invite was this very cute owl, and she made it herself!


                                                                                                    So CRAFT TIME!
I am the type of baby shower participant that likes to buy gifts for the mom to be, not the new baby. I know sounds bad… right? BUT I try to purchase items that mom may like and has not had the time or may not find the time to buy for a while. I also purchased items off of the baby registry, I am lucky that some of the items fit right in with my imagination. I have been thinking about how to make this owl for some time. It has been done before, you may search Google for diaper owl, but I like to do things on my own… So here we go.
Supplies that I used…
A base (something for the owl to sit on), this can be anything. My cousin asked for a Humidifier, so it was the perfect size for a “tree”.
1 Large Paper Bag
2 brown bag lunch bags
1 Spool large ribbon
1 Spool small ribbon
2 Chap Sticks
2 Foot lotions
2 pieces of round brown wood
Orange craft paper

I also used 4 links out of the Bright Starts Lots O Links for the owls feet, this item was also on the registry, lucky me!!
Make the Owl Body and the Eyes.
Owl Eyes and Body

Owl Eyes and Body

I rolled 10 diapers around lip balm for the 2 eyes and secured them with ribbon.
For the body I tightly wound diapers, until I felt that the body was large enough to go with my eyes. Then I tied them with ribbon as well. If you have a helping had it will go faster when tying, however with a little work you can get it!
I then attached the eyes to the body with weaving the ribbon through both until they were secure.
My wings are 3 diapers layered together and taped down with duck tape
Beak is a piece of orange construction paper, cut and folded secured with orange duct tape.
The eyeballs are made by 2 wooden balls hot glued to the bottom of the lib balm.
IMG_1807 IMG_1808
IMG_1809  The next step was the tree branch, I had bought the mom to be foot lotion and foot soak, I just rolled those tubes up into a paper sack, easy tree branch. Then I slid the toys around the lotions for the owls feet.
Final steps were to cover the main gift, which was a humidifier that the mom to be had on her registry. I covered it with a  large paper sack ad drew a tree knothole. My grass was a hand cut piece of green paper, and the flowers were some paper flowers that I had found.
What do you think?? I was so happy with how every thing came together! So cute! 
Another thing that I do, is recycle my invites in to the card that I give to the recipients of my gift. I always love the look on their faces when they see that I took time to use what they had been proud to have made or given as an invite. It is a great way to save on you resources as well, if they used it as an invite they must like it. So here was my Congratulations card back to my cousin.
Off to hug and Kiss my Kiddos, time to tuck them in!
Until Next time!

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