BOO-Thday Party Celebration

Many conversations with my 3 year old led to this genius party!

He and I talked about what Disney character or other theme he would like his Birthday to be. I start early and ask each boy a few times before they actually have their party, in case they change their minds, which they do about ten times. Canaan decided on a Halloween theme, all on his own. He wanted people to come over in costume so that he would not know who they were for the party. Pretty great since I, as acting decorator, did not have to buy a thing! Talk about frugal!

We had the house decorated already…Some people do a Christmas Village. At our house it is a Halloween Village. The boys love it and for no reason that I know of, I do too!

Next up the invites…  I made these in the Halloween spirit, supplies were already on hand from years of gathering. I was going to make Halloween cards just to send out to family saying Happy Halloween! Yea! Didn’t have to leave the house or spend money! Score! And they turned out pretty cute!

IMG_2032 IMG_2039

A special Thank-you is needed here,to my Dad and Mom who are always willing to help with my crazy food ideas with little or no complaining! Yes a Smurfette/Batman cake did happen!! All thanks to my folks loving me… but more on that party later!


Frosting a Frosted cake?


I think she may have found a BUG!!!


Now on to my MOST favorite part, of all the party’s that we throw! FOOD! I love theme food, I don’t know why but it is really fun for me to make. I believe that it can really jazz up your gathering without a ton of fuss. (Especially if you hire out family members to help!!)

Ghost Cheese sticks, Reminds me the video game Pac-Man for some reason!

Ghost Cheese sticks, Reminds me of the video game Pac-Man for some reason!


Great find during Halloween Clearance! Easy Veggie tray turned Roach Hotel!

             As a family we have been trying to STAY on track of our HealthiER eating so we decided to try                  and not stray far from good healthy choices for our guests. I believe that most of the party attenders                   were happy for these healthier options, I know that we didn’t end up with a ton left as other parties that I have thrown with lots of goodies.

Close up of our BUGS!

Close up of our BUGS!


Bloody Band-Aid
Graham Crackers, a dot of cream cheese, and a dot of red jelly.
Super Cute Turned out Awesome!


Spider Eggs!
Healthier Tip:
Use Plain Greek Yogurt in place of Mayo.


Apple Teeth with Caramel Apple Dip
(This was one of the last items that we made on day 2! I think that my crew was wore down)

And the Last item for tonight… I have made this cheese ball recipe for YEARS!!! It is a easy yet very tasty dish that anyone can try! Layers of basil, sun dried tomato, and cheese. Very Tasty!  How I made the Brain!! Recipe to be posted SOON!I used a brain Jello mold that I picked up on clearance last year to shape! You can find these almost every where during October!



For now I must go! I have 2 boys, both of which want me to go play! More about the FOOD tomorrow! Thank-you for reading! I have had such fun making these parties a special time in our family! Post the rest of the food tomorrow! Until then!



Coming soon, A Boo-thday Party Celebration!

Coming soon, A Boo-thday Party Celebration!

Do you have a little one that has a birthday close to Halloween? We do and he chose to have a Halloween Themed Boo-thday! Worked for me, Halloween decorations were already up!


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