Easy and Delicious Breakfast, oh and HEALTHY

Breakfast! Yum! I want food NOW!

Just Jen

My pictures are going to be crooked. Neither my computer or my phone want to help me out. Apologies!  So, this is what I like to call PALEO Eggs…caveman eggs, family like cave man eggs, eggs good, eat and feel happy. ok, that’s enough of that.

Get these things:

IMG_2690The 8 from Trader JoesIMG_2691 Minced Garlic

IMG_2692 Eggs

IMG_2694 If you want to be fancy, White Truffle OilIMG_2695 And Good old Johnny’s Seasoning Salt

IMG_2693 Sautee the 8 in a pan with the garlic

IMG_2696 Add eggs and Johnny’s 

IMG_2697 Scramble


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