Cupboard Clearing Cake!

This look yummy!

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Good afternoon, savvy savers! This afternoon I found my family a bit down in the dumps, this combined with my needs to prepare a menu and plan meals for the week, and as I had already completed my coupon shopping this morning, left me in need to find something to cheer my family up without leaving my home, or kitchen, for that matter! Voila! A one-bowl chocolate cake recipe! Must of you, like myself, will have most of these ingredients on hand, and the end result is amazing! I also am a fan of any cake preparations that requires one bowl, and I surely do not feel like emptying the dishwasher at present!

Why call it Cupboard Clearing Cake? Well, the toppings and icing can be tailored to whatever you have on hand, and in my case, cherry pie filling, oreos, and nutella! Also note, I will be serving this…

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Baked Garlic Cilantro-Lime Salmon With Cilantro-Lime Rice

My Friends! If I had known how many times this picture would have been pinned I would have given the recipe sooner! During my 24 Day Challenge, I came up with some gems that I serve my family now almost once a month! This wonderful Salmon dish is a gem!

I am one of those people who CAN NOT stand the taste of “fishy” fish, in fact my favorite fish is fish sticks. Which are those really fish? I don’t think so! I had to come up with a way to cook fish at home that even I would eat! And here it is!

IMG_0873This has just the right combination of flavors and I baked it so that I know it is completely cooked through. Served with a side of cilantro-lime rice and topped with salsa for an added zing, your dinner just got exciting!

How I did it!

Baked Garlic Cilantro-Lime Salmon


Olive Oil

Garlic Seasoning

Lime Juice

Dried Parsley

Brush salmon with olive oil on both sides, sprinkle with garlic, lime juice and dried parsley.

I used stonewear, my Large Bar Pan from Pampered Chef to cook my salmon on 400 Degrees about 20 minutes.

I really like my fish well done so I did turn these half way through and sprinkled more garlic and lime on the back! Make sure fish flakes with a fork!

Cilantro-Lime Rice

I used My rice cooker, it is so easy and makes the perfect rice every time!

2 Cups Water

1 Cup Jasmine Rice

1 T. Lime Juice (Add more if you really like lime flavor)

1-1/2 T. Fresh cut cilantro

Thats it! Your done!! Yummy dinner that is pretty quick! I will post my fresh salsa recipe next! That really helps make this dish a knockout!

Until then Over and Out!

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