Turtles Consignment

Turtles Consignment.


I am so excited to tell you about my latest House Party!! I LOVE House Party and the amazing opportunity that they have given my to share McCafe Coffee with all of you! Opinions from my party guests as well as my own will be provided

IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1456

I received my party pack and inside was

  • 2, 12 oz. bags of McCafe Premium Roast ground coffee
  • 1, $15 Retailer gift card to Safeway
  • 1 Branded shopping tote
  • 10 Branded coffee scoops (They are awesome. Clip over the bag)
  • 10 Branded paper cups

NOW we can get this Coffee Party Started!

Calvin Klein VoxBox! Influenster!

Calvin Klein VoxBox! Influenster!.

Calvin Klein VoxBox! Influenster!


Have you heard of  Influenster yet!?!?  just signed up with them in hopes to try new products out!

I was happy to hear that I had been picked to try REVEAL a fragrance by Calvin Klein and exclusive to only Macy’s.

Super excited to receive this from Influenster and Calvin Klein. A free sample of their Men’s Fragrance Reveal. First spray is nice and soft and then gets more masculine as it sits. I can smell the ginger which was a nice change and it is not to harsh on your nose. Very Fresh smelling, refreshing!

I am going to have the HUbs try it out when he gets home and update you all on what he thinks~
Note: I received this free from influenster for the ‪#‎revealmore‬ vox box.



Eating Healthy is HARD

This post is going to be about my direct relationship with food.

I need food, I want food, I HATE food!!

Everyday it is a choice, sometimes made for me and sometimes ignored and not made at all. I have been in a real quandary about what to eat now a days. While I try to be diligent about my food choices it is sometimes way easier to ignore that little voice that is ongoing in my head UNTIL I wake up the next morning and fully feel as though I have been hit by a truck! Then I realize nope that was not easier! Then what on earth would make me choose that time and time again!? I know it is bad for my body and somehow I crave it, then followed by 10 seconds of “YUMMY”, followed by 2 hours of self beating up and headaches!

I have posted about my LOVE for ADVOCARE and their products. BUT,  I feel like that has gotten way to easy for me. I do my due time, get my ten day cleanse and I am a rockstar…. FOR 10 Days. Then I fall off the truck, because I feel so good that I talk myself into well one bad meal won’t hurt, before I know it what a waste of time!!

I have a cousin that need a fix too! She decided to embark on the WHOLE30 Challenge. After months of debate I too have joined the WHOLE30 Club along with most of our family members.

I am going to use this Blog portion to hopefully help those of us that are in the beginning phases of our eating whole experience. So if YOU too are on this Journey comment with what works for you, what didn’t work, what good and bad experiences you have had with this program!

Hang on tight, Until my next post! Over and out!

Easy and Delicious Breakfast, oh and HEALTHY

Breakfast! Yum! I want food NOW!

Just Jen

My pictures are going to be crooked. Neither my computer or my phone want to help me out. Apologies!  So, this is what I like to call PALEO Eggs…caveman eggs, family like cave man eggs, eggs good, eat and feel happy. ok, that’s enough of that.

Get these things:

IMG_2690The 8 from Trader JoesIMG_2691 Minced Garlic

IMG_2692 Eggs

IMG_2694 If you want to be fancy, White Truffle OilIMG_2695 And Good old Johnny’s Seasoning Salt

IMG_2693 Sautee the 8 in a pan with the garlic

IMG_2696 Add eggs and Johnny’s 

IMG_2697 Scramble


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So THIS Happened!

IMG_0322 IMG_0324 IMG_0327So! Friends, this is what happens when your day has gone perfect with 6 BOY children and 4 visiting children are called to get ready to go! AHHHHHHHHHH! This is my child’s face after younger brother somehow smashed his face into a side table. One frantic drive to the ER, led to one emergency SUNDAY Dentist office visit. All 4 front teeth had to go.


Over and out! From one Dazed Mommy



It is so nice outside!! Geocaching has captured my families attention for the past couple of days! Since it is Spring Break we have more time and it is so sunny out!!

Do you have a favorite Spring time activity? Have you ever gone Geocaching before??


Cupboard Clearing Cake!

This look yummy!

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